Our philosophy is to create an experience that is honest about who and where we are, the constraints of our philosophy are both our biggest challenge and our motivating force. Our kitchen is therefore sometimes brutal, sometimes soft, but always natural.

– Kobe Desramaults


The tasting menu

Pigeon, rhubarb, chicken skin
Rapeseed, ricotta, cucumber
Salsify, jack by the hedge
Whelk, nettle
Mackerel, curry plant

North sea squid
White asparagus, sea lettuce, hazelnut
Le Monde des Mille Couleurs
Red mullet
Ravioli, pork, ramson
Lamb, spring onion, mint

Buttermilk, red beetroot, rhubarb
Goat’s curd, daisy
Chocolate, beer

The wine list

In sequence with our philosophy of  working only with fresh, natural and local products from our local surroundings, we chose to select a list of natural wines produced within Europe.

In our view the relationship between the winemaker, his land and his vines are vital. Wine produced in this natural way directly reflects our view of food in the kitchen, and for that reason it makes a perfect match. Some of these wines are lesser known and are “made” in an unconventional way, but they represent the soil in which they are grown, the vines chosen for that soil and the hard work and dedication of the winemaker.

Very little or nothing is added during the process of making natural wines, producing a pure and distinct result.

the prices

  • The tasting menu €150, with wines  or adapted juices €210
  • The tasting menu €170, with wines or adapted juices €250  (last order at 13hrs and at the at 20hrs)

special requests?

Do you have any special needs, allergies, vegetarian … let us know, we will do our best to adapt the menu.


I n de wulf  was once a farm, and actually the partition of the building hasn’t changed that much. What was once a barn and stable, is now the restaurant. The former home is now a breakfast room and on the first floor there are bedrooms provided.

To really enjoy an overall experience of “in de wulf”, you can spend the night here… Waking up in the whisper-quiet Dranouter followed by an excellent breakfast with our signature…

A few hundred meters from the restaurant you find the French border.  If you wander over the Suikerberg to the Breemeersen, between the fields, you suddenly have an amazing view far peering over northern France. I remember my father on the horizon showed me the coal mines of Lens. When it’s nice weather you can even look up to Calais.

 STANDARD room with breakfast

€ 155 voor 2 personen

€ 110 voor 1 persoon

 LUXE room with breakfast

€ 210 voor 2 personen

€ 170 voor 1 persoon

Room on the ground floor with terrace.
These rooms are bigger and offer a shower and a bath.


piet de kersgieterIn De Wulf